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What are certified pre-owned printers?


Certified Pre Owned Printers are known technology and proven remanufactured printer models for HP and Lexmark. We've selected a vendor with a rigorous quality control and remanufacturing process allowing us to pass along the savings to you while maintaining its quality. If you are looking for a greener way to save money and the environment try our Certified Pre-Owned printers. We back our printers with a 1 year warranty on all non-consumable printer parts and our 6th month warranty on consumable parts such as fusers & pick-up rollers.

Certification Process

  1. Quality Control Check #1 Initial evaluation for defects
  2. Test all printers for any errors or potential print problems
  3. Firmware upgraded to latest manufacturer's version
  4. Printer is stripped down to the chassis for further inspection of gears, rollers, swing arms, and other commonly worn parts
  5. Interior of printer is thoroughly cleaned
  6. Excess toner removed
  7. Evaluate elements of the printer to determine what to replace or refurbish
  8. Replace worn fuser with a high-quality rebuilt fuser
  9. Replace high-wear parts such as gears and rollers
  10. Quality Control Check #2 Test fuser to ensure printing results are clean, even and within manufacturer's specifications
  11. Inspect and/or replace any cracked or broken plastics
  12. Replace or paint any plastics that have discolored over time
  13. Verify and test printer's memory, connectivity ports (i.e. USB, parallel and/or network card)
  14. Repair all known error codes
  15. Clear Error Codes from system
  16. Reset printer to original equipment manufacturer factor defaults
  17. Quality Control Check #3 Test print quality, again
  18. Quality Control Check #4 Test different tray functionality
  19. Adjust print registration/alignment on all trays
  20. Quality Control Check #5 Test different print modes: duplex, fax, scan, multiple pages, ADF, etc.
  21. Quality Control Check #6 Final quality control testing-test pages to send out with printer
  22. Again, meticulously cleaned externally and internally
  23. Quality Control Check #7
  24. Final Inspection:
    1. thoroughly cleaned, inside and out
    2. test pages good and included with printer
    3. serial numbers match
    4. all parts of printer completed and included
    5. printer visually pleasing