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Managed Print Services

Boost Productivity while you Save Money and the Environment

  Our exclusive Impression Managed Print programs are designed to relieve you and your staff of print related tasks and maintenance so your people can focus on what they do best. You get better cost visibility, improved budget predictability, and the comfort in knowing that our printer management software tells us when you’re going to need toner so we can ship it to you in advance. It’s that easy.

Why a Managed Print Service ?

Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to trim costs and increase productivity. Having one trusted source for all your printer management needs can help you save money and leverage your existing resources for maximum output. Our Impression programs will make the most of your print environment without breaking your budget in the process. Our exclusive print management software and analysis evaluates your current printer environment and recommends changes that dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership. It is the only end-to-end solution designed to work with any printer environment, saving you money on new equipment while practically eliminating the time you spend on maintenance

Control Costs Easily and Effectively

Because we manage your entire print environment from usage to supplies, you can more easily track your printing costs and accurately bill each department in your company. Dynamic easy to read usage reporting metrics allow you to see which printers are utilized the most so you can extend the longevity of your print devices by positioning them where they are most suited. A managed print solution also provides greater control over your supply costs and inventory – you pay only for the supplies you use. No more guessing how much ink and toner to order, only to have excess inventory sit in a supply closet for months. By monitoring your usage, we ship before point of need which eliminates the guesswork or last minute scrambling on your part.

A Trusted Partnership

As a Canyon customer, you have one trusted source for all your printer environment needs, from hardware to supplies to maintenance. A single point of contact means fewer relationships to manage, no overlap in service and reduced total cost of ownership.

Features & Benefits

Features of our Print Assessment Service includes a fact based report with the following information:

  • Which devices best fit the needs of your employees
  • How many devices are needed
  • Where should devices be located
  • How much should you spend monthly on supplies
  • How best to manage your supplies
  • What your service contract and maintenance costs are 

Benefits of allowing us to manage your office printers for you:

  • Expense Reduction - by avoiding unnecessary printing and advanced supplies procurement
  • Cost Visibility – finally you will see how much you’re printing and what you’re spending
  • Low Predictable Payment No Capital Investment – a set monthly cost makes it easier for you to budget
  • Auto Supplies Fulfillment – never worry about running out of toner again
  • Easy Upgrades – get the latest technology when you need it
  • Device Reliability - with proactive and scheduled maintenance plans to avoid downtime & service delays
  • Print Rules – to streamline your print environment and changing user requirements
  • Fleet Efficiency – get the most out of your entire print environment
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction – with a greener print strategy including recycling programs