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Your Complimentary Zero Landfill Program

Rather than burn, export or dispose of unwanted end of life components into landfill sites, the Zero Landfill methodology leverages exclusive technology and world class engineers to extend and intensify the typical recycling process. This ensures 100% of all cartridge components are properly extracted to be reused and avoid landfill. If you’re unsure of the true environmental impact of your current cartridge recycling process, let us introduce you to our exclusive Zero Landfill program – contact us today!                



Cartridge Recycling

Did you know?

  • 100 lbs is the amount of waste a typical laser printer creates in one year
  • 70% is the percentage of used cartridges that go directly into trash cans and are not recycled 
  • 1,000 years is the amount of time it takes for a print cartridge to decompose in a landfill site
  •  You have choices when it comes to how you recycle your empty print cartridges. Our customers tell us a unique blend of value and sustainability. Each of our remanufactured monochrome or color laser cartridges has been engineered to perform equal to or exceed OEM print cartridge specifications.





Plus, you get the following benefits:

  •  Collection Containers at no charge 
  • Free Shipping with our easy to print shipping labels
  •  Recycling Plaque for your office to showcase you’re a Zero Landfill recycler
  •  Cartridge Credits towards the cartridges you return to us


Cartridge Return Program

Please click on the link below to return your empty toner cartridges to us! www.tonerrecycle.net

Thanks in advance for considering a greener way to print with Canyon!