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Where are your used cartridges going?

Did you know?

  • 100 lbs is the amount of waste a typical laser printer creates in one year
  • 70% is the percentage of used cartridges that go directly into trash cans are not recycled
  • 1,000 years is the amount of time it takes for a print cartridge to decompose in a landfill site


Our Complimentary Zero Landfill Program

Rather than burn, export or dispose of unwanted end of life components into landfill sites, the Zero Landfill methodology leverages exclusive technology and world class engineers to extend and intensify the typical recycling process. This ensures 100% of all cartridge components are properly extracted to be reused and avoid landfill.

Zero Landfill Advantage

Most companies and individuals do not know where their recycled print cartridges will end up once they leave their facility. Shockingly, 70% of cartridges are placed directly into the trash cans and sent directly to landfill where they take over 1,000 years to decompose.


The Process

Our Zero Landfill process is very easy to deploy and that's one of the things customers like most.

  1. First, we provide you with a recycling box to place your used cartridges into at your office
  2. Once your box is full of cartridges placed in their original packaging, simply print off a requested shipping label
  3. Once the cartridges are removed from your location, they are shipped to a sorting facility
  4. Those empty cartridges that can be remanufactured are sent to a ISO 14001 manufacturing facility
  5. The unusable cartridges are remaining are sent to the Zero Landfill recycling facility where all components of the cartridge are disassembled and extensively broken down to become consumer products such as picture frames, park benches and plastic hangers.

In the end, there is no burning like many of the other programs, no exportation to 3rd world countries, and no landfill is created.

So as our partner in this program, you are ensured that any used print cartridges you return to us are not contributing any waste to the environment. Plus, you receive reward points for future purchases.

Customer Benefits

Here are some of the top reasons why you will want your Zero Landfill program

  1. No Charge program to remove cartridges
  2. Waste reduction from the average 100 lbs of waste a typical laser printer creates each year
  3. Easy to do with online print and ship labels and packaging
  4. Community involvement by demonstrating concern for environmental sustainability