Your Printing Costs

More Benefit, Less Cost, and No Capital Expenditures

There is more to managing print than just saving money…

Find out why so many companies have worked with Canyon Office Solutions to implement managed print, streamlining their workflow and budget.

Work with Canyon Office Solutions to:

  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Increase security and compliance
  • Control and contain your print expenses
  • Save 10-40% annually
  • Consolidate vendors and save time on accounting

Managed Print Solutions from Canyon Office Solutions


Turn piles of paper into editable and searchable data from any device including your phone.


Turn complex and painful manual processes into elegant and automated electronic workflows.


Simple, efficient and effective ways to organize your documents in the cloud or in your office.


Minimize waste & maximize transparency. Control all of your printers, copiers and other devices.

Why Print Management?

Get Absolute Visibility and Control

over your printing costs including: devices, cartridges and consumables, service and support, downtime, shipping, recycling and waste.

Simplify with one vendor and one invoice.

Printing is typically the 3rd highest office expense behind rent and payroll, and 90% of companies don’t know how much they are spending on print.

Anyone with a mouse or a mobile device can make your buying decisions.

Go Green

Our Complimentary
“Zero Landfill” Program

Rather than burn, export or throw away your unwanted components, Zero Landfill leverages exclusive technology and world class engineering to extend and intensify the typically recycling process.

This ensures that 100% of all used cartridge components are properly extracted and reused.